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Ključne odlike za ZUOGREEN+ - Nedeljno čišćenjeNazad na vrh

70% recycled plastic material

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= 70% recycled plastic material UltraOne Green makes sustainable vacuuming a reality. Made out of 70% recycled plastic and 100% PVC free, at the end of its lifetime no less than 92% of it can be recycled. Plus, the packaging is made from 100% recycled material.

65% less energy consumption

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= (1).Png&width=700&height=700&interpolation=HighQualityBicubic 65% less energy consumption When it comes to energy consumption, there's no comparison between the new UltraOne Green and a regular 2100W vacuum cleaner. Because the UltraOne Green uses 65% less energy. Just one of the reasons why UltraOne Green is our very first vacuum cleaner with a class A energy rating.

Top-class cleaning performance with highly optimized airflow

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= Top-class cleaning performance with highly optimized airflow The secret behind excellent dust pick-up is not only a powerful motor but also high airflow and the efficient AeroPro™ Silent nozzle. From nozzle to outlet, the airflow of UltraOne has been sealed and optimized for high efficient vacuuming.

Quiet with Silent Air Technology™

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= Quiet with Silent Air Technology™ Vacuum without disturbing anyone, thanks to our innovative Silent Air Technology™. The UltraOne Green has an improved, quiet hose, and the silent yet ultra efficient AeroPro Extreme nozzle. As a result, it delivers a gentle 66 dB.

Superior handling for a hassle-free clean

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= Superior handling for a hassle-free clean Lighter, more maneuverable, easier to store. Vacuuming is now hassle-free. With a Multi Room System™, 3 flexible parking clips, easy-to-change filter and 12m-long hose – the UltraOne Green is a pleasure to handle. It also features an Allergy Plus filter for a healthier home.

Ovaj proizvod se isporučuje sa

  • Indikator popunjenosti kese za prašinu Mali displej na usisivaču koji vam pokazuje kada je vreme da promenite kese.
  • Integrisane pozicije za odlaganje nastavaka za usisava Jednostavno odlaganje nastavaka za usisavanje I u horizontalnom I u vertikalnom položaju.
  • 2 kese za prašinu Jedna kesa u usisivaču i još jedna dodatna
  • Regulisanje usisne snage Regulisanje usisne snage omogućava vam da koristite količinu snage koja vam je potrebna. Možete da usisavate na minimalnim podešavanjima i tako štedite el. Energiju.
  • Mekani točkovi Mekani točkovi se brinu o tome da se vaši podovi ne izgrebu, ali i da prave manje buke tokom procesa čišćenja.
  • AeroPro Ergo handle The special design of the ergonomic handle gives you better control and is easier on your wrists. The grip is slimmer than an ordinary vacuum cleaner’s and has a soft surface.
  • AeroPro aluminium telescopic tube Aluminium light weight tube with large cross section for optimal air flow. Wide and smooth air tight channels to maximize performance and minimize noise.
  • s-bag® Ultra Long Performance with hygienic closure To deliver top-tested cleaning performance. High filtration with excellent air flow. 5 litre capacity and hygienic closing system.

Specifikacije za ZUOGREEN+ - Nedeljno čišćenjeNazad na vrh

  • Performance
  • Filter motora Osnovni rešetkasti filter za motor
  • Ukupan nivo buke usisavanja db(A) - (IEC 60704-3) 66
  • Luše Aeropro telescopic recycled
  • Mlaznica za usisavanje podova AeroPro Silent
  • Izduvni filter Washable Allergy Plus filter
  • Indikator za filter Ne
  • Tip kese za prašine s-bag Ultra Long Performance
  • Namotavač za kabl Jednostavan
  • Indikator popunjenosti kese za prašinu Mehanički
  • Radijus usisavanja 12
  • Preuzmite informacije o proizvodu za EU

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