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Long-lasting Lithium TurboPower battery

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= Long-lasting Lithium TurboPower battery More power for longer with the high performance Lithium TurboPower battery, which runs twice as long as a nickel battery and is lighter and easier to handle. Simple to change and quick to recharge, the battery has up to 30 minutes runtime and the indicator will signal when it needs to be charged.

180° EasySteer™ manoeuverability

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= 180° EasySteer™ manoeuverability The 180° EasySteer™ manoeuverability, ergonomic design, refined nozzle and large back wheels adds flexibility to your cleaning and smooth turning and movement on all floors. The two-step power mode lets you adapt your cleaning to different surfaces and after cleaning, simply place the cleaner back on the charging stand.

2-in-1 vacuuming

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= 2-in-1 vacuuming Experience ultimate flexibility and functional design. Whether you need to clean a large area or a small spot that’s difficult to reach, Ergorapido does the job. The easily detachable hand unit allows for effortless cleaning of your kitchen table, furniture or your car’s interior.

Self-standing vacuum

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= Self-standing vacuum Convenient Self standing function to leave the vacuum in an upright position whenever you need it. Perfect when you need to take a break in the cleaning.

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