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Freezer providing instantly frozen goodness

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= Freezer providing instantly frozen goodness In order to assure that the vitamins, flavour and all healthy qualities are preserved, fresh food must be frozen as fast as possible. This freezer features the FastFreeze function, which reduces the temperature to the correct level for freezing your fresh foods fast before automatically returning to the standard setting. The FastFreeze function freezes fresh foods faster so vitamins, texture, flavour and all healthy qualities are preserved better. That means this freezer assures you will get the most of your groceries. Pročitajte više

With this freezer, your food is stored at the right temperature

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= With this freezer, your food is stored at the right temperature You can't check on your freezer every minute of the day. But if the internal temperature rises, you might not know until too late. To tell you if this happens, the TempAlert will sound an alarm and switch on a warning light. As a result, you can relax, because you'll be the first to know if your food is at risk. There's no need to worry about the temperature of your upright freezer rising, as the TempAlert will let you know if it happens with a warning light and alarm. Pročitajte više

Ovaj proizvod se isporučuje sa

  • For fully integrated, slide door installation
  • Net capacity freezing compartment: 95 l
  • External electronic controls
  • Freezer defrosting: manual
  • Door hinges placement: Desno i Promenljivo
  • Freezer drawers: 4 puna širina, Providna plastika
  • Fast Freeze function with auto return to normal settings
  • Audible and visual warning signal for high temperature
  • Fast freeze function with automatic return to normal
  • Noise level: only 40 dB
  • Appliance feet: Podesive
  • Freezer colour/design: Bela
  • 820 mm built-in height

Specifikacije za EUN1100FOW - UgradnoNazad na vrh

  • Kapacitet zamrzivača (kg/24h) (2010/30/EC) 18
  • Klimatska klasa (2010/30/EC) SN-N-ST-T
  • Nivo buke (db(A) re 1pW) (2010/30/EC) 40
  • Instalacija proizvoda Ugradno
  • Ugradne dimenzije VxŠxD u mm 820x600x550
  • Dimenzije VxŠxD u mm 815x560x550
  • Spojeno opterećenje 120
  • Voltaža 230-240
  • Dužina spoljašnjeg kabla 1.8
  • PNC 933 031 008
  • Boja Bela

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