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DigitalVision™ Timer

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= DigitalVision™ Timer No need to guess. Just lift and check! View how long your toast has left until ready, down to the second, on the large easy-to-read display. By using the Lift and Check™ function you can check on your toast without disrupting the toasting. Pop it back down within ten seconds and the timer will start where it left off.

XL Toast Capacity

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= XL Toast Capacity The two extra-wide capacity slots are designed to accommodate everything from largely sliced bread to thickly cut bagels – making toasting easy.

Breadcrumb tray

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= Breadcrumb tray Gone are the days of turning your toaster upside down and shaking it to clean out the breadcrumbs. This toaster comes with a smart Breadcrumb tray - simply detach it for a gentle and easy clean.

Bun warmer function

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= Bun warmer function Can’t fit your buns inside the toaster? No problem. The foldable bun warmer function lets you heat up bread that won’t fit inside a toaster. Treat yourself and the ones you love, to a Saturday breakfast with your favorite croissants and breakfast buns.

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