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/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= 24 HOUR AUTO-START Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee every morning. The 24 Hour Auto-Start function makes it possible. Simply program when you want your coffee maker, on the HighContrast™ LCD display, to start brewing and wake up to the beautiful aroma of your favorite beans.

AromaStrength™ Selector

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= AromaStrength™ Selector The AromaStrength™ selector makes it easy to automatically adjust the coffee strength to a desired level at the push of a button. Choose a stronger cup on a busy morning or go lighter for a lazy afternoon.

PureAdvantage™ Water Filter

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= PureAdvantage™ Water Filter The Electrolux coffee maker comes with a built-in water filtration system to create a better coffee aroma and taste. The replaceable water filter assures you of fresh-tasting coffee for years to come.

Detachable water tank

/Additions/ImageResize/ImageExternal.aspx?src= Detachable water tank It’s as simple as counting to twelve. The large detachable water tank on this coffee maker is clear and serves up to twelve cups of coffee. Easy removal and easy filling, to make your coffee experience an even more pleasant one.

Specifikacije za EKF7800 - Mali kućni aparatiNazad na vrh

  • Performance
  • Klasa proizvoda Hot Beverage
  • Filter Da
  • Indikatori nivoa vode Da
  • Bokal Glass with graduation
  • Dužina spoljašnjeg kabla 0.9
  • Odeljak za kabl Bez
  • Preuzmite informacije o proizvodu za EU

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