Oxygen Air purifier PA91-404GY

Electrolux - Oxygen Air purifier - PA91-404GY

Responds to your environment

The unique PureSense system continuously measures indoor and outdoor air quality levels and automatically adjusts the air purification rate  so that you come home to a healthy indoor environment.

Electrolux - Oxygen Air purifier - PA91-404GY

Tailored filtration to meet your needs

Tailor your Pure A9 to your personal and seasonal needs with our 360 filters and 5 stages purification. Each filter has a unique smart tag that keeps track of its usage. Even if you remove a filter and re-install it the next season it will automatically recognize the remaining lifetime.

Electrolux - Oxygen Air purifier - PA91-404GY

Continuous monitoring

Whether you are home or on the go, monitor and optimize your home air quality from the app or sit back and let PURE A9 do it for you. Check the job done on a given timeframe, get smart summaries or simply adjust your preferences. The PURE A9 app is the perfect air quality assistant.

Electrolux - Oxygen Air purifier - PA91-404GY

The AirSurround system is designed to reach all corners of the room.

AirSurround system creates a powerful yet smooth spiral movement of the indoor air that efficiently circulates and cleans the air up to 3 times faster than previous generations. Pure A9 is recommended for room sizes up to 92 m2 (based on Swedish regulations of air changes per hour) and 37 m2 (AHAM)

Electrolux - Oxygen Air purifier - PA91-404GY

Quietly smart

With a minimum noise level of just 17 dB(A)* your Pure A9 runs so silent you will hardly notice it. Even at maximum speed the noise level is just 46 dB(A)*, more silent than your dinner conversation at home. *measured 1m away in front of the product

Tehničke specifikacije

Osnovne specifikacije
Dokumenta o proizvodu
  • Auto Mode: Controls the settings of air cleaner based on air quality.
  • Light Sensor: Regulates air cleaner settings based on light in the room. Triggers Sleep Mode.
  • Low noise: Ensures that you are not disturbed by air cleaner.
  • Proizvodni broj (PNC): 950 011 383


Electrolux - Oxygen Air purifier - PA91-604GY
Oxygen Air purifier
  • Tailored air purification
  • Responds to your environment
  • Tailored filtration to meet your needs
  • Continuous monitoring
Electrolux - Oxygen Air purifier - FA31-201GY
Oxygen Air purifier
  • Comfortably cleaner air, your way.
  • Responsive to your needs
  • Efficient and thorough filtration
  • Powerful yet smooth air circulation


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